Nginx Beautifier

Format, beautify and indent your messy NGINX code

We all had this problem, maybe out of lazyness, or lack of time, our configuration files got entirely messed up.

By using this tool you can

Format your nginx code
This tool will go line by line, re-indenting the code of your nginx file no problem.
Make your life easier
Nobody likes to work with unreadable configuration files, it makes your eyes sore, brain hurt and overall, just an overhead on your innocent mind.
Easier to maintain
When your code is formatted, it is significantly easier to maintain.

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Please note, all the code you post on this site, is beeing proccesed client side using javascript thus no data is sent to our servers. if you require a more verbose solution(for multiple files) please visit our source page for additional help and a way to run the beautifier locally.


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